Hip Bags are not fanny packs, bum bags or waist belts.

Hip Bags are not Fanny Packs, Bum Bags, or Tummy Packs. This statement might seem obvious to some, but to others, it may not be so clear. In recent years, fanny packs have made a comeback in the world of fashion, but there are still many misconceptions about what they are and how they should be worn. As described by the New York Times “Once the butt of many jokes, fanny packs (also known as hip packs, sling bags, bum bags, or whatever else people call them to avoid saying “fanny pack”) 

As an expert on Hip Bags and the actual designers and manufacturers of Leather Hip Bag Clip On Purses, we aim to clear up these misconceptions and help the audience understand that Hip Bags are no tummy packs. And, tummy packs are definitely not Hip Bags.

Hip Bags Main Goals in Design

Hip Bags are designed with two main goals: functionality and beauty. The leather clip on purses are comfortable when riding and walking. They sit to the side, therefore, there is not a large bulky pack sitting on the front of back of you. This positioning allow for proper posture. There is rarely a need for readjustment or removing. They move and work with you. Not against you.

Hip Bags also provide a no sweat and no pain presence. They provide a natural posture without the digging in of nylon waist pouches or the off center weight and pain of straps.

Hip Bags Attach to Your Waist via Trigger Snaps

First and foremost, it is important to understand that bum bags and hip bags are not the same thing. When you inspect them you can see very different attributes. The terms hip bags, fanny packs, waist belts and bum bags have become a proverbial slip of interchangeable terms. However, the main characteristic that defines Hip bags is that they are designed to be worn attached to belt loops via trigger snap clips. They are typically worn attached to the waist to ensure security and convenience.

While tummy pouches are worn via an attached belt or strap.  And, originally bum bags were worn on the back of the body. Over the bum. Hence, the name fanny pack. Or, the British term bum bags and leather belt bag.  Currently, you see them worn on the front of the body, slung over the shoulder or, worn on the side. The term fanny pack seems out dated. Even silly.

chrome trigger snap used in hip bags to attach purse to belt loops
leather hip bag in combination gold and espresso cowhide by Hip Bag Co

Shoulder – Belt Strap Included – Fanny Packs can’t remove strap

Hip Bags come with an adjustable shoulder  belt strap. When you wish to wear your hip bag as a cross body purse, you clip the adjustable shoulder strap on and through it over your shoulder. If you have no belt loops and still wish for the security of a hip bag you adjust the should strap to be a belt. And, wear your hip bag as a waist bag, pack or pouch. The hip bag is the most versatile and secure of all hands free purses. These straps are more difficult to be cut with a razor in a crowd. Or, released via a quick click of a clip strap. In those time where you may feel more insecure about the environment you are in, you can wear your hip bag clipped on the front of you. Avoiding any easy access, bumping into or running by and grabbing your purse.

Hip Bags are Made of Leather

Secondly and most importantly, hip bags are made of high quality leather. At Hip Bag Company we design and create artisan designer hip bags. No two are alike. We are the original hip bag designers. Our trendy totes are made to be stylish clip on purses that last a life time.

Fanny packs are primarily made of nylon, neoprene or cloth prints. There is a wide array of styles and sizes with most trying to keep cost to a minimum.

Hip Bags are Versitile and Fashionable

One of the main reasons that hip bags have become popular is because they are practical and convenient. They allow you to carry your essentials hands-free, leaving you free to enjoy your day without the hassle of carrying a bulky purse or backpack.

Many people also appreciate the fact that Hip Bags are versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. And, for a variety of events, festivals, activities and occasions. Our leather clip on purses are the favorite handbags of a wide range of ladies. Horse enthusiasts, Motorcycle riders, Festival goers, professional and active women all delight in Hip Bags versitality, quality and style.

A Wide Array of Hip Bag Styles and Sizes

Most importantly, it is important to note that not all hip bags are created equal. There are many different styles and designs available, and some may be more fashionable than others. It is important to choose a hip bag that complements your personal style and fits your desires.

One common misconception about hip bags is that they are only appropriate for casual occasions or activities. However, this is not necessarily true. While a trendy cell phone hip bag may be more appropriate for a music festival or outdoor event, there are many sleek and stylish options available that can be worn to more formal events.

In conclusion, fanny packs are not hip bags. While they may share some similarities, they are distinct accessories that serve different purposes. If you are considering adding a hip bag to your wardrobe, it is important to choose one that fits your personal style and needs. By following these guidelines, you can rock a hip bag with confidence and style.