Fraudulent Sites

Hip Bags Advertised on Fraudulent Sites - DO NOT ORDER!   We at Hip Bag Company work hard to bring you a quality products at a fair price. With regards to the online environment we live in we, regretfully, are seeing websites stealing our product photos and trying to rip off the public by [...]

Hip Bag Co on Meet the Maker – RMGA

Hip Bag Co's Dianna French on Meet the Maker! We are thrilled to have been approached by Jeri Glyn, the Social Media Creative Services director for the Rocky Mtn. Gift and Apparel Show, for an interview with Dianna about the origins of Hip Bag Co, the challenges and opportunities of running a women-led [...]

Clutch Hip Bag

Clutch Hip Bag Hip Bag Company's Newest! Get Ready to Elevate Your Style with a Trendy Clutch Hip Bag ! Step up your fashion game with our exciting collection of clutch hip bags. These stylish accessories are not just ordinary bags, but a statement piece that will instantly enhance your outfit and leave [...]

Hip Bags Are Not Fanny Packs

Hip Bags are not fanny packs, bum bags or waist belts. Hip Bags are not Fanny Packs, Bum Bags, or Tummy Packs. This statement might seem obvious to some, but to others, it may not be so clear. In recent years, fanny packs have made a comeback in the world of fashion, but [...]

Hip Bags Recognized WWIN Exhibitor Spotlight!

Hip Bags recognized WWIN aka Women's Wear In Nevada Trade Show! It is our honor to be the first Exhibitor Spotlight in the NEW WWINdow Shopping Virtual Storefront! In short, Hip Bags is a leading exhibitor of our designer clip on purses and totes for over 4 years. Current markets are dependent on vibrant [...]

Snug Face Masks – Order Yours Here!

We at Hip Bag Company have adjusted our production line to help in the availability of Face Masks to protect yourself and your loved ones. We are producing Snug Face Masks with 2-panel pleated cotton with cord lock ties. No Sore or Irritated Ears! The result is a durable Personal Protection Mask that is [...]

Help Us Understand – Images Not Fitting in Lightbox Correctly

Can anyone help us understand why these photos are not fitting into the theme correctly?(please see grey gaps where highlighted above.) It is especially prevalent on the secondary photos when you hover your cursor over picture and another picture displays.Click button for further live examples: Live Example

Hip Bag Company at IGES Show Nov. 5-8 2019

Hip Bags are Heading to IGES Show in Sevierville, TN!!! Go To Our Appointment Booking We will be exhibiting for the first time in Sevierville, TN for the International Gift Expo of the Smokies - IGES! The IGES has a fantastic reputation and we are excited to introduce [...]

Tundra – Wholesale Hip Bags

Hip Bags are exhibited on Purchase our stylish clip on purses wholesale on the leading supplier and buyer online trade center. Probably the easiest way to shop.  For example, imagine perusing for new products in the comfort of your home. No more needless expenses.  And time wasted with traveling to trade shows. In [...]

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