Concealed Carry Purse 10.0-01

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Concealed Carry Purse 10.0-01 is our Classic by Hip Bags. One Color Body with Zipper Top. Rear Zippered Compartment to Carry Your Favorite Handgun. Choose Your Colors , Center Piece or None. Also, COOSE BETWEEN STANDARD SIZE or XL – EXTRA LARGE SIZE

Choice of Shoulder / Belt Strap, Handbag Strap. Or, have Both as a Set for a small additional cost.

Hip Bag Description

The Versatility of a Concealed Carry Leather Purse 10.0-01

Choice of STANDARD SIZE or XL – Extra Large Size

Average dimensions on Sandard Concealed Carry Purse 10.0-01  averages 8.5 x 6 x 2 inches with empty bag compartment.

Average dimensions on XL Concealed Carry Purse 10.0-01  averages 9.75  x  6.75  x  2 inches with empty bag compartment

Sized for most 38 Specials, Glock 42’s and .22 Caliber Handguns.

Approximate Weight is ¾ lbs.

Immerse yourself in the time-honored allure of classic design with this meticulously crafted concealed carry purse, an embodiment of tradition and sophistication, dressed in a single shade of rich, black leather. This seamless infusion of style and form creates a visual symphony that pays homage to the elegance of yesteryear while seamlessly integrating into the contemporary urban landscape.

This Concealed Carry Purse 10.0-01 stands as a testament to the fusion of heritage and contemporary utility. Its compact size mirrors the efficiency of modern life, while the classic design principles pay homage to the enduring appeal of timeless aesthetics. Whether slung across your shoulder, clipped to your belt loops or worn snugly around your waist, this accessory effortlessly transcends trends, becoming a versatile companion for the discerning individual who appreciates the fusion of classic style and modern functionality.

Additional information

Body Colors

Black, Brown, Buckskin, Cinnamon Brown, Creme, Distressed Ocean, Espresso Brown, Ginger, Matisse Brown, Matisse Whiskey, Pumpkin, Purple, Red, Saddle Tan

Center Piece

No Center Piece, Beaded Fringe, Center Piece Only, Center Piece with Tassel, Concho, Crystal, Mother of Pearl, Mother of Pearl Wing

Center Piece - Stud Color

Confirm with Hip Bag Co, None, Antique Silver, Copper, Crystals, Silver

Standard or XL Body Size

Standard Body Size, XL Body Size

Shoulder or Hand Strap

Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Both, Handbag Strap

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