Definition of a Biker Hip Bag

We wanted to know how to describe our Biker Hip Bags. So, we went to Webster’s Dictionary. The definition of a Biker is “someone who rides a motorcycle, or a bicycle”. Well, excuse us, but we know there is more to a biker than just riding a bike. There is the attitude of a biker that represents freedom, individuality, adventure, grit, courage. Riders carry the “No one is going to tell me what I am going to do. I’m riding” demeanor like a flag! How would you like to be carrying THAT in your Hip Bag? Our biker hip bags are not vinyl totes, flimsy pouches, bulky packs or satchels. Biker Hip Bags are not like any leather purse that you have to tie on to the sissy bar or throw in the saddle bags. No! Our biker hip bags are able to be clipped to your belt loops so you can focus on what is important. The feeling of the wind blowing through your hair while you’re enjoying the ride of your life confident in knowing that your most valuable assets are securely clipped to you. You’re looking Cool with your Biker Hip Bag!