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A great resource for wholesale handbags is Hip Bag Company. Hip Bags have been designing and supplying handmade leather purses for over 20 years. Established in 1998 in Eaton, Colorado, Dianna and her mother Kathy started their handmade extensive purse manufacturing business. Bringing their passions of horse and motorcycling riding into the fashion industry was the combination of two loves for these ladies. That is to say, Dianna and Kathy create and distribute fashionable purses on a large scale throughout the USA.

wholesale handbags manufacturers Dianna and Kathy French. Owners of Hip Bag Co
wholesale hip bags designers Kathy and Dianna sharing a smile
Skill of sewing of wholesale hip bags represented by Kathy, co-owner of Hip Bag Co.

Production of Wholesale Hip Bags

Firstly, the turn around time from order to shipping the Hip Bags is three to four weeks. Therefore, the earlier the retailer submits their wholesale handbag order the better the odds they receive their inventory for special events. Secondly, the production starts in confirming the style, design, colors and embellishments by customer. Dianna composes the cut list. Kathy cuts the panels for the hip bags on the cut list. After that, the designers put their art into practice. In other words, they design, create and handmake every Hip Bag purse. As a result, Hip Bag Company leads the industry in artisan wholesale purses made in the USA.

Wholesale Handbags Suppliers

Where to Find Them – Hip Bag Company

Shop extensive selection of hip bags on Hip Bag Company Wholesale WebsiteFill out our Wholesale Application if you wish to apply. Or, login if you are already a Hip Bag customer

Faire – Hip Bag Company Wholesale Products – Extensive purses can be found in abundance at the Faire website. Hip Bag Company is a supplier of leather hip bags, fanny packs, bum bags and totes on the Faire website.
WWIN – Women’s Wear in Nevada – Hip Bag Company exhibits twice a year. During February. After that in August. Supplying their customers with artisan wholesale purses made in the USA.
Rocky Mountain Gift & Apparel – In addition, Hip Bag Company exhibits during February. Similarly in August
facebook wholesale handbags – To sum up, the ever present fb page.

Creating artisan hip bags by Dianna French co-owner of Hip Bag Co wholesale handbags

In conclusion, Large scale production purses are Hip Bag Company. Similarly, we provide customer service focused on our retailers prosperity. Our profitability results by our retailers success. Our mission depends on our customers continuing profit. Wholesale handbags made by Hip Bags. Distributed throughout the USA.