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Clip On The Original Hip Bags – Est. 1999

Hip Bags welcomes you to our wholesale online shop. All handbags are designed, created and handmade by Hip Bag Company. The Original Hip Bag designers established in 1999. We utilize recycled, reclaimed and scrap materials that include hair on hide and antique embellishments. In addition, we use exotic leathers such as deer skin, cowhide, buffalo, alligator, lizard, snake, stingray just to name a few. The end results are one of a kind, high quality and practical designer leather handbags that clip on to your waist for shoulder free comfort and clutch free security.

All of our purses are created as a “one of a kind” designer handbag so we have limitations in making custom orders exactly to your specifications. The end result is a stylish bum bag or tote that shows off that unique you! We do invite you to contact us with your visions. We will do our best to create your individual hip bag that shows your style!

Do you remember the Unique time when you experienced the magic and power of riding your first horse? The freedom to confidently take on anything. To go anywhere that you ever dreamed of going without any limitations.  The feeling of beauty that radiates and shines for all to experience. Shared with a surreal sense of adventure that manifests rewards, fulfilled dreams, pleasures and the natural confidence to get everything that you wish for.

Can Hip Bags provide a similar Unique Experience?
Hip Bags…Shoot, yeah!


How about when you first felt the roar of an engine? The exhilaration of going fast, your heart pounding and holding on tight. You could not contain the surge of energy pushing through your core, a giggle rolls into a scream……..Yeeeeeeooooooowww!

Can Hip Bags provide a similar Unique Experience?
Hip Bags…Ahhh, Yah’!


Hipster…usually a youthful person who is trendy, stylish, or progressive in an unconventional way; someone who is hip!

You know those times, when you’re feeling hip…, hitting the town, wearing your favorite outfit, knowing that you are looking HOT! Heads are turning, worldly men are approaching you with smiles, sparkling eyes and bouquets of your favorite flowers appear out of nowhere.

Can Hip Bags provide a similar Unique Experience?
Hip Bags… Hip, yeah!


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