Cell Phone Hip Bags Today’s Stylish Purse!

Today’s ladies find cell phone hip bags provide the fashion statement they are looking for. You’ll love the convenience of having your essentials with you in your active professional and social life. Because you have your cell phone handy, plus carry your id, your credit card and what have you’s in a handmade, designer handbag it shows off your unique you! Probably the most trendy pouch, cell phone hip bags are one of a kind. There is nothing like it in any other designer handbags. Your mobile phone can rest in the exterior front pocket of the hip bag for quick, convenient access. Or, within the zipped top for security.
We have ladies tell us they have never found any way to carry their EpiPens or diabetic pouches until they found our hand made trendy totes. Cell phone Hip Bags are not only stylish and practical they can also save lives! All in all, you will find that your cell phone and essentials are only a “draw” away in your designer satchel! “Bang, bang!”

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