Travel Set Hip Bags are Luggage sets. These are truly exclusive sets. The travel hip bag is lined with silk and has an inside pocket and key chain. The top openings of the travel hip bags are either zip-tops or metal doctors frames.
These will fit easily under the plane seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. You can use it for your personal essentials or it will fit 2 days of clothing for the perfect weekend getaway.
The travel set hip bags allows you to leave your big purse at home and supports a more secure way to travel. Slash and grabs are not a problem as the bag is literally attached to you. You can move the bag to the front of your clothes instead of the side for added security.
Bottom line you can have a great stylish travel set that makes a great design statement only Hip Bags can provide.

Your set is your set……  no one will have one like yours!!! Travel Set Hip Bags are as individual as you are!!
Each set is numbered as we make them.

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