Hip Bag Holster Purse – Photos & Details

hip bag holster purse accessories including a cell pouch, holster and shoulder strap

Hip Bag Holster Purse Set

First of all, let’s start with the Hip Bag Holster Purse Set showing the Holster and the Cell Phone Pouch. The ideal holsters for women with your choice of either the Holster or the Cell Phone Pouch. The complete set sells for a small additional amount to your order.

interior shot of the hip bag holster purse showing the Velcro backing to hold your pistol

Hip Bag Holster Purse Velcro Backing

Another shot of the main pocket of the hip bag holster purse with back panel loop Velcro strip to secure handgun holster or cell phone pouch. The handgun or cell phone are held to the top of the purse for smooth and convenient draw. Therefore, your security is a priority while you look your best. Also, the Velcro backing can be used with your personal handgun holster

hip bag holster purse showing how it holds your handgun and your cell phone

Conceal Carry
Your Handgun and Phone

Hip Bag Holster Purse is shown holding your handgun in the concealed carry pocket. And, your Smart Phone in the Front Pocket. Hence, the purse is Extremely Comfortable to Wear! Your Security Supported. Most of all, chic fashion statement!

hip bag holster purse with the cell phone slip pocket in main body of bag

Advanced Cell Phone Purse

While the original design is meant as a conceal and carry purse, we added the cell phone pouch to make an advanced Smart Phone Hip Bag Holster Purse. Due to the Cell Phone Pouch your phone is easily accessible and separate from your other belongings in the body of the Hip Bag. Probably the best medium sized action tote out there.

hip bag shoulder straps in all different colors
hip bag handbag straps in all different colors

Choose Shoulder / Belt Strap or Handbag Strap

Hip Bag Holsters, along with every Hip Bag, comes with the option of a shoulder / belt strap. Or, a handbag strap. Each are leather and match the body color of your Hip Bag Holster Purse. You can also have the option to have a set for a nominal charge.