Hip Bag Holster Instructions for Top Draw
Concealed Carry Purse

When you open the top zippered main pouch of your Hip Bag Holster, you will find your Universal Hip Bag Holster attached to the rear panel loop Velcro patch. Please, remove the Universal Holster from the main pouch

hip bag holster instructions showing universal holster for hip bag holster in black leather`

Step 1

Universal Holster removed from Hip Bag Holster main pouch.

Open universal hip bag holster in left hand

Step 2

Open Universal Holster. Right hand draw holster in LEFT hand. Left hand draw holster in RIGHT hand.
Blue = hook Velcro
Yellow = opposite side of loop Velcro

gun placed in hip bag holster pictured butt to thumb

Step 3

Place gun in open holster. Right hand draw – butt of gun to left palm of thumb.
Left hand draw – butt to right thumb.
Blue = hook Velcro
Yellow = opposite side of loop Velcro

universal holster rolled around handgun

Step 4

Roll universal holster to wrap around handgun bringing
Pink = front side of loop Velcro to Blue = hook Velcro

universal holster wrapped around handgun

Step 5

Universal Holster wrapped lightly around handgun and Velcro to close

universal holster shown with velcro flat against handgun

Step 6

Opposite side of Universal Holster with Blue = hook Velcro flat against side of handgun

inserting universal holster wrapped around hangun within hip bag holster

Step 7

Position Universal Holster Blue = hook Velcro into the main pouch to position on Yellow = opposite side of loop Velcro

handgun butt shown just below zipper top of hip bag holster

Step 6

Opposite side of Universal Holster with Blue = hook Velcro flat against side of handgun

Hip Bag Holster Instructions – Note

When you draw your handgun from the Hip Bag Holster, pinch the butt with your thumb and forefinger and pull up. It should draw quickly and smoothly. If there are any catches, you may have the Universal Holster wrapped around your handgun too tightly.

Enjoy Your Hip Bag Holster in Secure and Stylish Fashion!

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