Mobile Phone Hip Bag – 9.1-19

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Average dimensions on Mobile Phone Hip Bags are 5.25 x .75 x 7.75 inches

Average weight is ΒΌ lbs.

Hip Bag Description

Black Cowhide Mobile Phone Hip Bag leather purse. Pictured is Peach and White Hair on Hide Front Pocket. Black Leather Band Across Front Pocket with Copper Slotted Concho and Beaded Tassle.
Choose Your Body Colors. Choose Your Leather Band Colors. Choose Your Studs or Center Piece and Embellishment Color.


Your mobile phone hip bag offers a range of benefits:

  1. Hands-Free Convenience: With your phone securely stored in a hip bag, your hands remain free for other activities such as shopping, walking, or commuting, allowing you to multitask efficiently.
  2. Improved Posture: Instead of keeping your phone in your pocket or constantly holding it in your hand, a hip bag distributes the weight evenly across your body, promoting better posture and reducing strain on your arms and shoulders.
  3. Easy Accessibility: A hip bag provides quick and easy access to your phone whenever you need it, saving you the hassle of rummaging through pockets or bags to find it.
  4. Enhanced Security: Keeping your phone in a hip bag minimizes the risk of theft or accidental damage, as it’s securely fastened to your body and less likely to be dropped or misplaced.
  5. Protection from Elements: Hip bags typically offer better protection against environmental factors such as rain, dust, and dirt compared to carrying your phone in a pocket, helping to keep your device safe and functional.
  6. Comfortable Carry: Hip bags are designed to distribute weight evenly around your waist, reducing strain on your back and shoulders compared to shoulder bags or backpacks, especially during extended periods of wear.
  7. Storage for Essentials: In addition to your phone, hip bags often have multiple compartments for storing other essentials such as keys, wallets, sunglasses, or small accessories, keeping everything you need within easy reach.
  8. Versatile Style: Hip bags come in a variety of styles, leathers, and designs, allowing you to choose one that complements your outfit and personal aesthetic, whether you’re dressing casually or for a more formal occasion.
  9. Travel Convenience: When traveling, a mobile phone hip bag provides a convenient way to carry your phone, passport, boarding pass, and other travel documents securely, allowing you to navigate airports, train stations, or tourist attractions with ease.
  10. Minimalistic Approach: Carrying your phone in a hip bag promotes a minimalist lifestyle by encouraging you to streamline the items you carry with you, reducing clutter and simplifying your daily routine.

Additional information

Body Colors

Black, Brown, Buckskin, Cinnamon Brown, Creme, Espresso Brown, Matisse Brown, Saddle Tan

Center Piece or Studs

None, Center Piece, Studs, 3 Studs Centered, Center Piece with Tassle, Slotted Concho Beaded Fringe

Center Piece - Stud Color

None, Antique Silver, Copper, Crystals, Silver

Border Front Pocket

Black, Brown, Buckskin, Cinnamon Brown, Confirm with Hip Bag Co, Creme, Matching Body Leather, Matisse Brown, Saddle Tan

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