Leather Handbag – Queen’s Hip Bag – 13.21-03

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Average Dimensions of the Queen’s Hip Bags main body are 7.75  x  1.0  x  7.0 inches.

Average weight is 1.0 lbs


Hip Bag Description

Leather handbag by Hip Bag Company. The Queen’s Hip Bags have a front panel slip pocket. And larger body main body zipped top pouch. Black Cowhide Body with Silver Foiled Black Gator Print Lid. Choose Your Body Colors, Choose Your Gator Print Colors. Choose your Fringe. And Choose Your Embellishment Colors.

A leather handbag exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, often crafted from luxurious materials with meticulous attention to detail. It epitomizes classic style and serves as a statement accessory, effortlessly elevating any ensemble. With its spacious interior and multiple compartments, a leather handbag offers ample storage for everyday essentials and more, making it a practical yet stylish choice for those with a penchant for refined aesthetics. In contrast, a hip bag presents a more contemporary and versatile alternative, designed for the on-the-go individual seeking convenience without compromising on fashion. Constructed from a variety of materials ranging from leather to canvas, a hip bag boasts a sleek and streamlined silhouette, worn snugly around the waist, clipped to your belt loops or slung low cross body on the hips for easy access to essentials. Its compact size and hands-free design make it ideal for urban adventures or casual outings, catering to the needs of the modern lifestyle while adding a touch of urban flair to any look. Whether it’s a leather handbag exuding sophistication or a hip bag embodying urban chic, both accessories offer distinct style statements tailored to different preferences and occasions. Here at Hip Bag Co. you can have the benefits of both a leather handbag and a hip bag all in one!

Additional information

Body Colors

Black, Creme

Lid Leather

Silver Foiled Black Gator, Silver Foiled White Gator


No Fringe, Full Fringe, Side Fringe

Fringe Color

Black, Creme

Center Piece - Stud Color

None, Antique Silver, Copper, Crystals, Silver

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