HD Hip Bag – 9.1-23

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Average dimensions on HD Hip Bags are 5” x 7.5”

Average weight is ¼ lbs.


Hip Bag Description

Black Cowhide Hip Bag Biker Purse with Orange Leather Pocket Border and Wings Center Piece. Choose Your Colors for Body, Front Pocket and Pocket Border. Choose Your Embellishment and Color. All Leather Cell Phone Purse.


A leather motorcycle hip bag offers several benefits tailored to the needs of motorcyclists:

  1. Accessibility on the Road: With a hd hip bag, riders can easily access essential items such as smartphones, wallets, keys, or sunglasses without having to dismount or rummage through larger bags.
  2. Secure Storage: The close proximity of a hip bag to the body reduces the risk of theft or loss compared to storing items in open pockets or saddlebags, providing peace of mind for riders.
  3. Comfortable Riding: Unlike traditional backpacks or shoulder bags, which can shift or cause discomfort during rides, a hip bag distributes weight evenly around the waist, allowing for greater comfort and stability.
  4. Improved Maneuverability: By keeping the rider’s back and shoulders free from bulky bags, a motorcycle hip bag enhances maneuverability and agility, especially during sharp turns or quick stops.
  5. Protection from Elements: Made from durable leather, motorcycle hip bags offer better protection against wind, rain, and debris compared to fabric bags, helping to keep belongings dry and secure during rides.
  6. Customizable Features: Many leather motorcycle hip bags come with adjustable straps, multiple compartments, and attachment points for accessories such as water bottle holders or tool pouches, allowing riders to customize their setup according to their needs.
  7. Durability and Longevity: Leather is a rugged and long-lasting material that can withstand the rigors of motorcycle riding, making leather hip bags a durable investment that can last for years with proper care.
  8. Stylish Appearance: Leather motorcycle hip bags add a touch of sophistication to the rider’s ensemble, enhancing the overall aesthetic while still serving a practical purpose.
  9. Versatile Use: Beyond motorcycle rides, leather hip bags can be used for everyday errands, hiking trips, or outdoor adventures, making them a versatile accessory for individuals with active lifestyles.
  10. Safety Precaution: By keeping essential items within easy reach, a motorcycle hd hip bag reduces distractions caused by searching for items while riding, promoting safer and more focused riding habits.

Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 1 in
Body Colors

Black, Buckskin, Cinnamon Brown, Espresso Brown, Matisse Brown, Red, Ruby Red

Front Pocket

Black, Buckskin, Cinnamon, Espresso Brown, Matisse Brown, Red, Ruby Red

Border Front Pocket

Black, Buckskin, Cinnamon Brown, Dark Brown, Matching Body Leather, Matisse Brown, Orange, Red, Ruby Red

Center Piece or Studs

Silver Skull, Silver Wings, Tassel Silver Wings, None, Studs, 3 Studs Centered, Slotted Concho Beaded Fringe

Center Piece - Stud Color

None, Antique Silver, Copper, Crystals, Silver


Yes, No

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