Concealed Carry Hip Bag with Side Fringe – 10.4-04

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Dimensions on Concealed Carry Hip Bags averages 8” x 5” for bag compartment.

  • Adjustable Shoulder / Belt Strap Included
  • Rear Zipped Concealed Carry Pocket
  • Magnetic Closure Snap Lid
  • Zipped Top
  • Interior Credit Card/ID Easy Access Pocket
  • Hands Free Conceal and Carry Purse
  • Sized for a .38 Special and .22 Caliber Hand Gun.

Approximate Weight is ¾ lbs.


Black Cowhide Concealed Carry Hip Bag leather purse with Side Fringe. Teal Oak Leaf, Acid Washed Hair on Hide and Black Alligator decorated lid. Silver & Turquoise Center Piece with Beaded Fringe. Black Side Fringe hangs 8 inches at lowest point from bottom of hip bag.