We at Hip Bag Company have adjusted our production line to help in the crisis of limited and rationed surgical masks. We are producing 2-panel cotton surgical masks that can have rationed face masks inserted. This provides a durable exterior layer that can be easily washed and dries quickly. Pinch chord ties adjust and secure the surgical masks. There can also be a filter panel inserted within our surgical mask design. We do have a set of 5 Filter Panels that can be included.
Please, forward our information to those you know that are looking for extra protection!
Because we are only Wholesale, we have reached out to one of our retailers to be able to quickly have a retail website presence to be able to take individual or large orders.  Click Button Below to Order
You can also call with questions or comments. 970-475-4045

We are hearing from those in the Healthcare Industry. The Coronavirus COVID-19 is a very real crisis. We hope that everyone is respecting Social Distancing and following CDC guidelines. We at Hip Bag Company wish everyone safety, good health and the commitment to work together through these trying circumstances.
All the best,
Dianna, Peter & Kathy