Concealed Carry Hip Bags look like ordinary designer handbags. While, in fact, these purses include toting a handgun. Concealed Carry handbags are a combination of our customers requests.  And, the artisan creation of our hip bag designers. The first adjustment in the design is an Exterior Rear Pocket that fits all .38 special, Gloch 42 and .22 caliber handguns. Stitching in a double zipper closure for the concealed pocket secured the pouch closure.  Also accomplishing an ambidextrous draw CCW purse. An interior velcro strap on a leather hammock keeps the handgun in place. The result is of one the most unique conceal and carry handbags. The trendy purse is created to fit comfortably on your hip, showing off your style while packing your favorite pistol. Furthermore, it keeps your handgun within 4 inches of your body. Especially relevant to the Police Academy, National Rifle Association and Military.

Women today look for functional and fashionable ways to protect their security. Times can be tense. Yet, you want to look your best and protect yourself.  The Style and Security You Deserve happens when you order your Concealed Carry Hip Bags.

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