Hip Bags FAQ

What is a Hip Bag?

hip bag clip on purse shown attached to belt loops. Leather fanny pack in plum colored cowhide

Hip Bags are small bags or purses that are designed to be clipped to your belt loops for hands free comfort and versatility. Hip bags can be worn around your waist, cross body or as a handbag. You can clip the durable spring clips to your belt loops. You can use the belt strap to attach your Hip Bag to your waist. Or, use the shoulder strap for the traditional cross body purse. Hip Bags also have a handbag strap to carry your hip bag as a handbag.  Hip bags are usually compact and lightweight, making them convenient for carrying essentials while leaving your hands and shoulders free. Designed to carry the essentials, hip bags have become a versatile and trendy accessory that offers convenience and style for people on the go.

Is a Hip Bag a Fanny Pack?

hip bags faq are not fanny packs showing examples of both

There is a large misconception that a hip bag is a fanny pack. Fanny packs have belts or waist straps built into the body of the fanny pack. Fanny packs are usually worn off of the rear end or in front of the groin. Fanny packs  are small pouches and used as waist wallets.
Hip bags have spring clips attached to the purse that clip on to your belt loops. Hip bags are artisan clip on purses that add to your fashion statement. Hip bags are versatile as they can be worn in a multitude of ways including clipped on your belt loops, cross body purse, waist pack or handbag.

How do you wear a hip bag?

hip bag matching set inquiry showing three hip bag matching with vine print

Hip bags are designed to be worn off of your belt loops. We have heavy duty spring clips attached to all of our hip bags. The spring clips easily open and close around your pant loop. All hip bag come with a Shoulder / Belt strap. So, hip bags can be worn cross body. And, the strap can also be used as a belt to allow the hip bag to be worn like a waist pack.

What are the benefits of using a hip bag?

The major benefit of wearing a hip bag is the comfort. Hip bags are designed to be hands free designer purses. Eliminate shoulder strain. Be as freely active as you the event entails. Ride your motorcycle, bike and  your horse. Go for a hike, take a walk, go shopping. Have a night on the town. Take a trip! All the while you have the comfort and confidence that your most essential valuables are available and secure.

Can I use a Hip Bag while traveling?

Hip bags can be essential traveling companions. Be confident in knowing that your valuables, your passport and phone are all securely clipped on your belt loops. Or, strapped to your waist. And, if you wish, you can wear your Hip Bag cross body by using the included Shoulder / Belt strap.

Can I use a hip bag as a fashion statement, or is it mostly functional?

At Hip Bag Company we pride ourselves in our designs of hip bags to be functional AND a personalized fashion statement. Hip bags are incredibly versatile and for all occasions. Where them on the go, for a festival, traveling, riding and formal events. All the while knowing that there is no one else with a hip bag like yours.

Are hip bags unisex?

Yes. Hip bags are worn by women and men. The different styles and designs can lean more feminine. The classics (all one color leather) can be more masculine. Take a look at our Hip Bag for men. And, feel free to contact us to personalize your hip bag order.

Are hip bags secure enough to prevent theft?

When you have your hip bag clipped onto your belt loops, it makes it nearly impossible to be pick pocketed. Or, a run by rip off. We only use the heavy duty spring clips on our Hip Bags. And, all Hip Bags are made out of quality leathers and skins.

Are all Hip Bag Company hip bags handmade?

Yes, all of Hip Bag Company’s Hip Bags are handmade by creators and designers Dianna and Kathy French. They have been creating , designing and manufacturing Hip Bags since 1999

Is there a conceal and carry option for hip bags?

Hip bags do have a conceal and carry purse selection. Please, visit our Concealed Carry Hip Bags. And, our Hip Bag Holsters for our conceal and carry hip bags.

How can I order a retail Hip Bag off of hipbagco.com?

Please, fill out the Find a Retailer form. Or, you can call us direct at 970-475-4045. We’d be happy to direct you to a retailer that is in your area.

How can I order wholesale off of hipbagco.com?

Hipbagco.com is a wholesale website for our reseller customers only. This website is a member only site that allows our resellers to see our new designs. And, order more Hip Bag inventory for their businesses. To apply for a wholesale account, please fill out our Hip Bag wholesale application.

Am I able to make changes on leather colors, embellishments and personalize my hip bag?

We are the original Hip Bag designers, creators and manufacturers. We hand make every Hip Bag in Colorado. We are able to customize our styles to personalize your hip bag. You are able to choose your body color, printed leathers and embellishments.

How much can a hip bag hold?

Hip bags are designed to be a minimalist purse. That does not mean that you have to sacrifice any of your essential items. We have a wide array of sizes to meet all of your needs. From our Cell Phone Hip Bags to our Hip Bag Totes we will have the size to meet your desires.

What are hip bags made of?

For over 20 years we have been hand making hip bags out of fine leathers. We use a 2.5 to 3.0 ounce leather hides and skins. We have developed relationships with saddleries and tanneries throughout the nation purchasing their scrap leathers. This is how we developed our one of a kind artisan hip bag purses. Cowhide, elk and deer skins along with other exotics are the materials of use for Hip Bags.  

How to care for your cowhide hip bag?

The best care you can provide for your Hip Bag is to wear it & love it! If you get a spot, water and soap on a non-abrasive cloth will do the trick.
You may find that normal wearing over time will just increase the softness and sheen of the leather.

How to care for your deerskin hip bag?

The best care you can provide your hip bag is to wear it & love it!. It is important to note that deerskin is tanned using a chrome process with an aniline finish. Deerskin is not water resistant and has a soft temper and hand. Grease and oily substances will be immediately absorbed in deerskin. If spots occur, rub white chalk on the stain. Let sit for 24 hours and brush off residue. Repeat until stain diminishes. Do not apply sealants or leather additives to your hip bag as they will discolor the deerskin.

Are hip bags water-resistant or waterproof?

Hip bags are made out of fine leathers and deerskin. Cowhide and Elk can be water resistant to a certain degree. If your cowhide or elk hip bag were to get wet, just lay out in original shape and let air dry.
Our Marty hip bags made out of deerskin are our artisan hip bags. They deserve a little finer care. If there were to get wet, tap with a dry cloth to remove surface moisture. Lay on a flat surface on a towel and air dry.

Are there different styles and designs of hip bags?

We offer a wide arrange of styles and designs of hip bags. Each hip bag is an artisan one of a kind purse. So, each owner get their own personalized hip bag. Click here to view different styles of hip bags.

Are hip bags suitable for carrying gadgets like smartphones and tablets?

We have designed hip bags to be the perfect purse for carrying cellphones and tablets. Please, go to our Cell Phone Hip Bags, Side Cell Hip Bags and our Totes to see our selections

Are there adjustable hip bags that fit all body sizes?

All of our hip bags can fit any person. And, come with an adjustable shoulder / belt strap to accomodate everyone.

How do I choose the right size of a hip bag for my needs?

Our recommendation is to examine the contents of your current handbag. Do you have to be carrying all of these items all of the time? Or, are there some that you can purge from your purse? When you have answered these questions, you will be able to select the styles and sizes of hip bags to meet your hip bag requirements.

Are there special features in some hip bags?

Hip bags can contain interior slip pockets, rear concealed carry pockets, cell phone pouches, credit card holders and other special features.