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Instructions on Scheduler
for a Hip Bag Appointment

  1. Please, select the drop down arrow in the box nest to first box “Location” to select the type of appointment you are requesting.
  2. Next, select the drop down arrow in the next box “Service” to select the amount of time you would like for your appointment.
  3. Then Select “Worker” ie Dianna or Peter who will service your appointment.
  4. You will then see the calendar activate to select your day and time (TIME is scheduled for Mountain Time). You may need to adjust the calender for the day you wish to schedule your appointment.
  5.  Available days will be in white background and BLUE TEXT.
  6.  TANNED COLORED BACKGROUND WITH WHITE TEXT on calendar are days NOT available.
    (feel free to call us to set up alternate appointment 970-475-4045).
  7.  When you have selected your date and time the contact information to the right will be activated.
  8. Complete your contact information to confirm your appointment.

We look forward to getting together!

FaceTime Appointments – Speak directly with the designers and creators of Hip Bags

Embark on a personalized shopping journey from the comfort of your own space with our exclusive Hip Bag Appointment Facetime Service! Discover the latest trends in hip bags and explore our curated collection in real-time with the assistance of our knowledgeable creators and designers.

  1. Schedule Your Virtual Styling Session: Visit our website or call us 970-475-4045 to schedule a Facetime Appointment at a time that suits your schedule. Choose a date and time, and our team will be ready to guide you through the exciting world of hip bags.
  2. Receive a Confirmation Email: Shortly after scheduling your hip bag appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details, including the date and time of your Hip Bag Apointment. Look forward to an interactive and personalized shopping experience with Peter or Dianna.
  3. Connect with Your Personal Shopper: At the scheduled time of your Hip Bag Appointment, connect with Peter or Dianna via Facetime. They’ll greet you, introduce themselves, and discuss your preferences to kick off the session. Feel free to ask questions, seek recommendations, and share your thoughts throughout the hip bag appointment. We are also open to most customizing requests.
  4. Virtual Showroom Experience: Your personal shopper will guide you through our virtual showroom, showcasing a variety of hip bags, from chic and compact designs to spacious and functional options. Zoom in on details, check different angles, and get a close-up view of the textures, colors, leathers and embellishments.
  5. Product Demonstrations: We’ll be happy to provide detailed insights into each hip bag, highlighting key features, materials, and styling tips. If you’re torn between options, we can offer suggestions based on your preferences and help you make an informed decision.
  6. Secure Your Favorite Pick: Once you’ve found the perfect hip bag, we will assist you in placing your order securely. We’ll guide you through the online checkout process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transaction.
  7. Enjoy Fast and Reliable Delivery: After securing your order, anticipate a swift and reliable delivery straight to your doorstep. Unbox your carefully chosen hip bag and elevate your style with a fashion-forward accessory that suits your unique taste.
  8. Hip Bag Inventory will be limited. We build to order. So, the hip bag purses will vary in quantity, styles and colors. We are always happy to accomodate any orders to be build within the hip bag appointment time. Be sure to confirm with Dianna or Peter any customizations, colors, embellishments, adding or subtracing of leathers or designs. Our goal is to provide you with an extention of your personality through our designs.

Experience the convenience and personalized touch of virtual shopping with our Hip Bag Appointment service. Connect with us today to schedule your exclusive session and redefine your hip bag style!

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